Wish I had Sophia’s Room

July 18, 2013

Normally on my blog i share with you latest kids room trends, products i love, rooms i have completed, etc.. etc… Today i wanted to share a bit of me.  I often get enquiries asking if i decorate rooms other than kids bedrooms, and it’s not unusual for my clients to try and coax me into decorating their lounges or master bedrooms, but it’s not where my passion lies.  I chose to focus on children’s rooms because i LOVE children.  Most people are surprised that i don’t have my own kids (this is another blog in itself), but if it wasn’t for children then i wouldn’t want to be an Interior Designer.  My childhood also plays a part in why i do what i do.
My parents divorced when i was 8 and i moved around a lot, almost attending a different primary school every year so i never felt settled.  My parents didn’t have much money so we often lived in small flats and i would share bunk beds with my sister (although they were hot pink bunk beds & were pretty cool). I would visit my school friends and they would have really girly pink rooms with Holly Hobbie doona covers and matching lamps. Then there was my cousin Lisa who not only had her very own dressing table but she also had ornaments on display, can you believe that – a dressing table and ornaments, okay some of these ornaments were the smurfs from the BP service station but i was still very jealous.  I didn’t mind moving so much and i didn’t want expensive items for my room, and i was even happy sharing with my sister, but i wanted a space that i loved.  I wanted pink walls,  a music box on display and frilly polka dotted cushions.
Once i got to my “tween” years i was okay, i filled my room with Young Talent Time posters and photo’s i had taken and my room felt like “mine”.  I finally had a special space that i felt safe in and that i loved.  Later in high school, my friends surprised me for my birthday and transformed by bedroom.  They bought me a pink quilt cover with cushions and pillowcases and a lamp and set my room up whilst i was out.  I came home to this amazing, beautiful, girly room and i still remember it as being one of the best days of my life.  So this is why i love doing what i do.  This is why i am not interested in master bedrooms or lounge rooms.  I want to make children smile.  I want all kids to have a room they love and that they feel special in.   I try to inspire you as a mother using my blog and facebook page to decorate your own kids rooms.  Even if you have no money, i try to share ideas on facebook that you can make yourself with your children and for those that can afford a design board I really do put my heart into each one, as i want your child to be as happy as i was the day my friends gave me a beautiful room.

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