Wallpaper is cool

October 11, 2011

Wallpaper is back!  I know you are thinking back to the 1970’s brown and yellow sunflower print on your grandma’s sunroom and thinking, Gross, who would want wallpaper?  But now that you have seen the images above, you are suddenly thinking, I love those Owls, they would look great in …………’s (insert name) room.  Even more exciting is removable wallpaper is now available.  Which means no more sticky glue, once it has been outgrown it’s easily removable and if you are renting, it won’t damage walls.  So if you do love this look, and want to jazz up …………..’s (insert name) room, then I advise you contact me and let me help you pick the perfect wallpaper for Max’s room (I was sick of insering name), hope i guessed correctly.


Image 1: Designs by

Image 2 & 3:

Image 4:



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