Shine Bright Like a Diamond – Tween Room

May 15, 2017

Meet Emma. Emma is a gorgeous 10 year old girl whose mum contacted me late last year asking me to make over her room.
(I also made over her sister and brothers but will blog about those next).

When I met Emma I noticed she was polite, friendly and a little shy. Emma knew what she wanted her room to look like and had her own ideas which is always helpful. Emma explained that she wanted a grown up room – nothing babyish.  Her colours were gold and white, soft pinks and blues.  She requested a comfy chair, shelves, pretty hooks and a desk or beauty table with a mirror. All of these I could manage.

The wallpaper was easy, I showed her juju papers website and Emma found one she liked immediately.  We ordered a couple of samples but it was the original gold with cream polka dot wallpaper that she liked best. This made me happy as it’s one of my favourites.

Emma already had a beautiful upholstered bed from heatherly designs so we weren’t replacing this.  We chose a white linen quilt cover and added some textured and patterned cushions as well as a gorgeous kip and co throw with fun tassels.

I knew Emma wished for a beauty table with mirror and a desk but I didn’t want to crowd the room. Instead I chose a simple but stylish desk and then added a Plyroom nest storage cabinet which Emma can use as a side table but also put her hair brush, lip gloss and hair ties in.  The mirror hangs over the cabinet with a hanging light so Em can see what she is actually doing. This allowed Emma to have both a desk for study and a space to get ready to hang out with her friends.

side table
The desk is from Ikea and was perfect for this space. I liked it because it was not only great looking but also narrow. Kids always have things they collect and Emma is no different. We added a Plyroom shelf so Em could display a few of her favourite things.

Fairy lights were a must to add a whimsical element and a Norsu Interiors print to add a little femininity. I love the clock and the pouch which Emma can personalise and keep her bits and bobs. A cool grey swivel chair and desk accessories were added and ta-da, we have a practical, awesome study space.

Finally we have Emma’s comfy chair. Emma has such beautiful windows and the light in her room is amazing. This gorgeous chair is large enough for Em to sit and relax yet wasn’t too bulky that it took up the whole room. A few baskets were placed next to the chair as Em loves to read and it means she can keep the books and a throw rug close by for those cold winter days when she can snuggle up in the corner. The knot cushion was the first thing Emma picked for her room and I picked the geometric throw cushion and the bloom print (I chose well don’t you think?).

Overall I am thrilled with how Emma’s room turned out. It’s a grown up room but still suitable for a 10 year old girl. It has a minimal feel but still has personality. Knowing Emma as I do now, I feel it’s perfectly her – beautiful, fun and stylish!!

A big thank you to Danielle Trovato for your brilliant photography xxx
And a big thank you to Emma’s mum for choosing me to make over her room xx

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  • Sally May 16, 2017 at 1:18 am

    What a beautiful blog Jacinda. Can’t wait to show Emma when she gets home from school. xx