OB-little explorer

Due to the wonderful world of technology, I can design for you and your family no matter where in the world you are.

An e-design is as simple as this:
1. Contact me to book your e-design
2. You will email me photo’s and measurements of the space I am transforming
3. I will send you a questionnaire for you to complete
4. I complete your custom e-design based on photos and questionnaire
5. I await feedback from you in relation to the design (usually, Jacinda – I love it, make it happen) but I will offer other product options should you not love the first draft
6. I send you a list of products and pricing, floorplan, and design directions, you can then order yourself or have me order for you.
7. Once products arrive and you start putting the room together, I am available via email, telephone and Skype to assist in styling and room configuration
8. Repeat all over again when next baby comes along 🙂

If you just need help styling your child’s bedroom or playroom then I can help.  Hanging garlands, re-arranging furniture, using products you already have but placing them differently can sometimes make a world of difference.

To book me in for a two hour styling session please send me an email.  I will let you follow me around ask as many questions as you want whilst I am working and styling your room.


For those busy parents that either don’t have the time, skills or confidence to bring their little ones room to life and want the room angel (that would be me) to just drop in and bring it together, this package is for you.


1. Contact me for availability and to book consultation
2. Welcome me into your home.  We will discuss your vision, talk about needs and wants and I will take measurements and jot down my ideas to transform your space.
3. Design board sent to you for your feedback
4. Once you are happy with design, costings and plan, products are ordered.
5. Installation date is booked.
6. Jacinda excitedly visits your home again with lots of beautiful products, tools and step ladder.
7. You send Jacinda a beautiful thank you email and a photo of your little one in their new room telling me how much they love it.

**Please note depending on scope of job, other trades could be required but this will be discussed during initial consultation or throughout design process.

This is for parents that just need a little help.  You have the cutest room but just need a couple of products (maximum of 4) to finish off the room and make it perfect.

Send me a photo of your room and I will recommend and send links for those unique only designers would know products, that will add the finishing touches to your space so you can finally relax and stop looking.


If you are looking for the perfect bed but have looked everywhere and can’t find it, if you are looking for a desk to fit into a certain space or just a cushion that you saw on Instagram but can’t locate,leave it to me.  I will send you at least 5 options for you to choose from that fit your brief and maybe one or two of my own favourites that you may not have considered.

Please email me with your brief and I will send you a quote.