Children’s Decor Trends

January 20, 2017

Fashion and interiors go hand in hand and I am always excited to see what is ahead of us in terms of colors and patterns which then inspire my client’s rooms. Over time trends pass and new ones come along, some lingering longer than others.

The past couple of years you will have noticed monochrome rooms being popular, but 2017 sees us changing it up a little with more color. Pastel and candy colors will still be popular for girls and bright primary colors (red, blue, yellow) will be seen in boys rooms.

But here I share with you my favorite trends that no doubt you will be seeing in my upcoming designs for my little clients.

vintage garden

Vintage Garden melts my heart.  Who doesn’t want to live amongst flowers and birds?
Think floral wallpaper, liberty fabric, butterflies, flower wreaths, and vintage furniture.
The colors are soft and muted and everything pretty, that’s what vintage gardens are made of.


Arctic dream is my nursery favorite.
Looking at this mood-board already makes me feel calm and sleepy.
It’s all about shades of grey (no, not the movie ladies) and white. Different textures – wool, felt, linen, and soft patterns that are subtle.
You can add soft colors like pale blue, apricot and/or sage which all look beautiful and keep the calm, relaxed feel which will hopefully keep your newborn sleeping soundly.


Woodland trail is all about beautiful autumn colors.
Mustards, browns, greens and accent colors like soft pink and soft blue.
Woodland trail is perfect for both boys and girls rooms.
Natural wood furniture and toys should be included with woodland prints or wallpaper.
I would follow any trail that took me to an awesome woodland wonderland kids room.


Don’t attempt this one alone. I have seen many safari themed children’s rooms go horribly wrong.
It’s all about being refrained and not going over the top.
A wallpaper is great as is a giant sized safari map but then don’t add an elephant print, a giraffe soft toy, a rhino cushion, and a teepee.
It’s all about moderation. Choose just a couple of things and keep the colors simple –  mix shades of browns, greens, yellows and oranges, and remember just like going into a jungle, take your time, look around, take in your surroundings and choose your steps (or products in this case) carefully.

Image Credits:
Emily Kiddy – Kids Fashion Forecaster
Little Fashion Therapy – a website I love

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