Calm Spaces for Kids

December 14, 2017

After sharing Indi and Evie’s beautiful room on my blog, pinterest and instagram, I have received so many lovely emails and had so many questions.

Earlier this year I was interviewed by one of my favourite brands, Plyroom, on my tips for creating a calm space for children.

Due to all the love I have received for Indi and Evie’s bedroom, which really is a calm, uncluttered, and serene space, I thought I would share my tips with you.


1) Paint your walls.  Muted colors don’t have to be boring. Soft lavender, sage, milky greys and dusty blues are all perfect shades to create a peaceful kids room.

2) Storage, storage, storage.  An uncluttered space is a peaceful space. The Plyroom coat rack looks much nicer on the wall than coats and school bags on the floor.

3) Inside /Outside – most people find nature relaxing, so bringing greenery and wood into a kids space is a great way of adding a calm feeling.  Wood furniture is a perfect base and adding a plant or hanging a vine wreath is another way to incorporate the natural elements of the outdoors.


4) Don’t clutter.  Keep decorations to a minimum.  Avoid lots of prints and gallery walls.  Simplicity is the key.

5) Let the light in – Let as much natural light in as possible and open the windows and allow fresh air into your kid’s room.  Use light weight curtains and sheer fabrics if you can.  Natural light reflects and bounces off walls making rooms feel larger and more spacious which in turn makes for a lighter, brighter, calmer space.


Plyroom has a few helpful hints of their own, which I will share with you here.  Please feel free to try these at home.

1) Have a space where your child can place treasures that doesn’t occupy too much space, even off the floor. Like their Little Nest.

2) Reading lamp that is wall mounted keeps surfaces clear and creates more space.


3) Having a bed that is low to the ground provides more vertical space in the room. Neutral and natural materials are ideal for a calming canvas. Like their Singolo and Sleigh Beds.

4) When bed covers are concerned, less is more. Teddies and cushions are treasured and important, but perhaps don’t go overboard!


5) Think about products that have multiple purposes, so there are less things in your child’s room. A toy box that doubles as a seat is a great option.


I hope you found these tips helpful, whilst we love a colorful cluttered room, there are many children out there that would prefer a much simpler and serene space.

A big thank you to Elise from Plyroom.

Images sourced from:
Pinterest, Fanny & Alexander, Plyroom, Friday and Today, Aimee Tarulli & Growing Footprints

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