Poppy’s Nursery

    May 13, 2019

    For over 10 years I have been attending AFL football games barracking for my Richmond tigers.  I have sat in the rain, eaten cold pies and screamed so much I have lost my voice.  Part of that screaming has been at the player that wears Number 8, Jack Reiwoldt.  He is a goal kicker.  Someone that can win and lose matches.

    So when I was asked if I could help put together baby Reiwoldt’s nursery, I was excited and didn’t want to let him down.  He has been good to us Richmond supporters over the years, and now it was my turn to make him proud.

    When I met with Jack and his lovely wife Carly, they had just bought a new art deco home and hadn’t even moved in yet.  I saw the plans, and we started a pinterest board.   I soon noticed this couple liked classic, neutral spaces with pops of color.  They didn’t know the gender of their baby, so we decided on a pale grey wallpaper, a textured grey carpet, and to have different tones of grey featured in the other pieces of furniture.  Books were important to them both so we made sure we included a book shelf and also a display shelf to show some of the sweet treasure’s Carly’s (excited) mum had been collecting for her grandchild.

    Carly was given an armchair and ottoman by a close friend, so we decided to have this reupholstered.  We picked a lamp and added a basket with some books and created a comfortable space for those long frequent night feeds.  

    The change table we used was an antique dresser and the drawers used for clothing and blankets.  Both Jack and Carly are quite tall, so the height of the drawers was taken into consideration during selection.  The rattan basket (see below) adds a soft natural feel as do the white felt baskets that house nappies, oils, and baby wipes.  A mirror that was once in the lounge room was moved above the drawers and placed in line with print above the cot, so the print reflection could be seen.

    We finished the majority of the nursery and then had to wait a few weeks until little Poppy arrived.  Once we knew Poppy was a girl, we then added a few feminine touches.  Carly loved the Poppy print, and of course it made sense to include this flower in her room.  We hung a few of her sweet dresses and her cute little kitten bag and then added a velvet floral cushion, and displayed her dolls and other gifts she had been given.  I was excited to find out Poppy was a girl as it meant I could include the beautiful cornflower quilt, and the floral square cushion I had been hoping to use.  The pretty doll that graces Poppies cot was a gift from me, a thank you to Carly and Jack for trusting me with their precious daughter’s first room.   Thanks again Carly and Jack, I am glad you love this nursery and I am glad I didn’t let you down – hopefully this nursery is equivalent to kicking a bag of 10. (meaning kicking a lot of goals and winning the game for those of you football novices).

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