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Beauty in Simplicity

July 4, 2017

When I shared this girls room on my instagram account I was surprised with the feedback and all the love that was given for this space. I certainly love it and it could be one of my favourites. But with all the over styled rooms out there (guilty), I did think others would find it too plain and simple.

I am happy to report that this was not the case, and most followers loved it as much as I do.

image 1-564px

Indi and Evie are the lucky girls who get to sleep in this room. I first met these two a few years ago when I designed Indi’s nursery. It was their lovely grandmother Elizabeth that contacted me to design a shared bedroom as the girls have lots of sleepovers and she wanted a lovely space for them to stay. It was a new build, and I could tell this home was going
to be really special. There was lots of plywood, natural timbers, and curved lines. The home is very modern and simplistic with oversized art and I wanted to keep this theme in Indi and Evie’s room.

I didn’t have much space to work with as the room is quite small. It has big beautiful windows that let lots of natural light in and has gorgeous warm floorboards and wood panelled ceilings. You can see the amazing hallway from the bedroom and you will notice the cabinetry in its self is quite a work of art.


The plyroom beds were a given for this room, it was the first decision I made. I wanted a modern, good quality bed that wasn’t too heavy or chunky. The same for the side table, and after considering many options, the plyroom bedside was sturdy, had a compartment for books, and it was stylish with the perfect shape and height.

image 3 - 564px

I also wanted pure linen bedding, and as I have a colour crush on the combination of pink and mustard, I was thrilled when I saw Talo Interiors stocked linen in both these colours. I then just swapped the pillowcases on the beds and added black and white polka dot sheets as I felt it required some pattern and a little fun.  The girls already had the cute crocheted toys so these now sit on their beds keeping them warm until they come to stay at grandma’s again.

image 4-564px

Art is very personal and I don’t like to choose art for clients. Instead I sent  Elizabeth 5 or 6 different prints that I loved, and that I thought would work well in this room. I was so thrilled when she chose Sam Sparrow as he was definitely my favourite. When I recommended that we paint half a wall in a sage colour, Liz showed me the colour her architect had specified for all the doors in the home. It was a little darker than what I had in mind, but I knew it would work, so I had the painter use half strength and it turned out perfectly.  Of course I could have painted the whole wall, but by only painting half it adds a splash of colour and works as a frame for the artwork.

Shelves were the other important feature in this room. I loved the Rafa Kids shelf as again they are modern, stylish and well made. The shelves don’t protrude too much which is great in a small room. Whilst Indi and Evie had lots of cute things to put on the shelf, I jumped on Leo and Bella’s website as they have lots of awesome knick-knacks for decorating shelves and a beautiful choice of books. The books I used as artwork on the shelves but of course, I also picked age appropriate books that I knew Indi and Evie would enjoy. I didn’t want to clutter the shelf but didn’t want it looking empty either, so finding the right balance was important.

Replacement Image

As the girls have a playroom at their grandma’s home it was easy for me to keep this room clean and uncluttered. But just add a large basket or toy box, or some under-bed storage boxes and you too could create a ‘less is more’ beautiful kids bedroom.


A big thank you to Anthea from Red Rabbit photography for taking these wonderful pics for me. xxx

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  • Peta July 29, 2017 at 1:19 am

    I just love everything about this. So simple and fresh. I have three boys and love the black and white and mustard. Do you think it would work well for boys? I have rustic red tin first letter of their names on the wall above the beds. I would love to get your advice/feedback.

    Thank you.

    • Jacinda Malloy July 31, 2017 at 1:23 am

      Hi Peta,
      I love black, white, and mustard for boys and a hint of red would work well also.
      I wouldn’t use too much red though.
      Jacinda x