Colour Burst – Eight Year Old Girls Room

May 31, 2017

So last week you met Emma and now it’s time to meet her sweet younger sister, Jess (8).
Whilst Emma wanted a grown up room Jess wanted something fun and colourful just like her.


The first step was the wallpaper. Jess wasn’t quite sure what she wanted but blue was a colour she mentioned she liked, so I kind of ran with that and ordered 10 different samples of wallpapers in different patterns although mostly blues and a few other colours added in just in case. None of them really stood out as the immediate winner, so Jess’s mum and I picked our favourites and then stuck them up on Jess’s wall for her to live with over a couple of days. During this time Jess became more and more attached to the blue triangle confetti wallpaper that you now see on her walls and which I must say was a wonderful choice.


Jess had two single beds in her room so it was time for these to go. Sally, (Jess’s mum) had a preference of an upholstered bed so I had a look at mexsii bedheads and found a classic white linen bedhead with resin buttons that was modern yet wouldn’t date.
As Jess wanted fun a selection of striped and spotted pillowcases were mixed in with various patterned and textured cushions including a heart cushion that Jess especially loved and just had to have.


Jessica had also fallen in love with a Pete Cromer parrot print, and when she showed me this, I was excited as I knew it would work perfectly. The colours were bright and happy and blended with the colours I had already chosen for the bedlinen and cushions. On the list was a comfy armchair, that wasn’t too bulky and that of course worked with the colours in the room. I had seen the baby suki chair in a magazine and had fingers crossed when I showed Jess. Fortune was on my side and she loved it, another tick and another item off my list.


Drawers. Jess needed drawers. I wanted more colour and couldn’t find any drawers that I loved. So off to Ikea I went, and off to the paint shop. I then had my partner put the drawers together (lucky he loves me) whilst I got the paint brush out, and in my sunny front yard proceeded to paint Jess a new set of pastel coloured chest of drawers. I waited for the paint to dry, then sent a photo via text to Sally, praying she would like them.  After a good half an hour, the “I love” text message came through and I did a little happy dance, knowing this room was coming together nicely.

Decoration is required. What does an 8 year old have to display? I know, little bags, scarves, necklaces and bracelets. I have one of these “it’s beautiful here” coat racks in my own home, and it’s one of my favourite things. I don’t normally like other people to have the same things as me, but I like Jess so much that I decided she and I could have the same so I ordered this and then hung all her cute bits and pieces from it. More colour was added using wall hooks and a gorgeous wall clock but I wasn’t quite done. I had found some felt baskets and added those on top of the drawer but something was missing. I then remembered a Rachel Castle print that I saw in Sally’s sitting room. I decided it would look much better in Jess’s room, so I pinched this and added it on top of the drawers to complete this fun and colourful space. I am hoping it’s still in Jess’s room and Sally hasn’t taken it back.



So now you have seen Jess’s Room. I really hope you like it, as I had so much fun putting this together. We have one more family member left, young, cute 5 year old Harry. So after two girly rooms, I look forward to sharing my next blog post which of course will be Harry’s bedroom featuring star wars and dinosaurs.

Stay tuned ……..

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