It's not easy being green

09Sep 2011

Green Room



The next couple of weeks, i am going to be featuring COLORS.  Colors play such an important part in decorating and as i mentioned in Checkmate blog, we are finally being more adventerous when it comes to color in children's rooms.  I am not a huge fan of green, but second to blue, it's been voted the most popular color.  I personally, love the Christmas green used in the first image.  Using green has become more popular in nurseries as it is such a fantastic unisex color.  We are surrounded by nature which features lots of green, so our eyes easily adjust and we feel very relaxed and familar with different shades of the color.  Studies show that green relaxes us physically and mentally, it helps to alleviate nervousness and anxiety and is peaceful and tranquil - all the things we would like for our children's room.  But of course, it is also a bright and happy color - I don't know what kermit was referring to, when he said it's not easy being green.  Green looks pretty good to me.


05Sep 2011


10 years ago black & white children's room would never be seen in the same sentance.  It was considered "out there" to use any colors other than pink & blue.  Today we are looking for new stylish and contemporary decorating ideas that reflect our own tastes and that also complement the other rooms in our homes.  These images prove that using grown up colors such as black and white and additional accent colors, can really give a modern, sleek feel to a child or teenagers room.  I know it's not everyone's cup of tea but if you looking for something different and wanting the "wow" factor, then black and white could be the colors for you.  Checkmate! 













No-one better

01Sep 2011

Growing up I had posters of Madonna, Cyndi Lauper, Alison Brahe (Dolly Model), and Dannii Minougue amongst many others on my walls.  I wanted to dance like Madonna, sing like Cyndi and look like Alison, not to mention play tennis like Steffi, dress like Kylie and have hair like the girls in Beverly Hills 90210.  There is nothing wrong with wanting to be the best you can be, but sometimes you have to remember not to try and be like others and to just be you. This is a great print to put in your girls room, whether she is 3 or 18, you are never to young or old to be reminded to "just be you".. afterall there is no-one better.