Pretty in Pink

27Sep 2011


Once upon a time I wondered why people chose pink when there were so many other colors to chose from? Now i find everything in my own bedroom is pink and i am a converted pretty in pink club member.  From fairy floss to marshmallows, pink instantly makes me feel giggly and girly.  Whilst i prefer pale pink to hot pink, i think hot pink is a great energising color for teenagers whilst soft pink is calming and soothing for babies and littlies. Either way, i hope that you jump on the pink band wagon with me, and for those that never got off, move over.. I am back!!

(Images: ohdeedoh.com & petitvanou.tumblr.com) 

Violet for Violet

25Sep 2011


Purple & lilac are my predictions for the next "in" color for kids rooms and nurseries.  Lilac is a romantic, sweet, and delicate color, whereas purple is rich, lavish and mysterious.  If you like pink but seeking something different, purple is wonderful alternative.  Purple was popular in the 70's so there are lots of great retro fabrics available featuring purple which would make great cushions, and quilt covers.  There are many shades of purple often forgotten about, lavender, plum, magenta, violet and wine to name a few. 




Shades of Grey

20Sep 2011




(image: www.nietykodzieciaki.pl

I love Grey.  I mean really love grey.  It's a nuteral, balanced color that is perfect for nurseries, kids and teenage rooms.  If you have a baby girl, grey, yellow and pink tones work wonderfully together, yet with a boy, grey works with white, mustards, olives green and red.
Grey is not harsh like black but still has a masculine quality, and mixed with pastels, it can be ultra feminine.  Whilst some may think of grey as dull and dreary, i Iove that it's a classic color that won't date and that it can be dressed down or dressed up, and what i love most of all, it was my grandfather's name.