Happy Australia Day

25Jan 2012

Just a simple blog to say Happy Australia Day.  I hope that you all enjoy the wonderful things our country has to offer.  The beaches, the gum tree's, Kylie, Vegemite, thongs, lamington's and the beautiful products designed and made here in Australia, that i get to bring into your children's bedrooms.  To celebrate this fabulous day, i will leave you with a little song.... "Give me a home amongst the gum trees, with lots of plum trees, a sheep or two or a kangaroo, a clothesline out the back, a verandah out the front and an old rocking chair!!" 

P.S:  AND whatever you are doing today, don't forget the Aerogard!


Let's go shopping:

Koala Print 
Egg Chair

Little Bear
Australia Poster
Melbourne Cushion
Black Sheep
Melbourne Designed Cot


Winter Wonderland

10Jan 2012

This is the 2012 trend that i am really excited about.   It's all about creating a warm and cosy feel, which is great for a nursery or children's bedroom.  We want our children to sleep well and what better way to help them have a restful night than creating a snugly space for them.  I am calling this the "arctic trend" which has evolved from our interest in climate control, the enviroment & weather conditions.   An "arctic room" is particularly great for boys, as the colors are quite masculine, think greys, black, white, and different shades of blue.  I would replace blue with mint green if i was designing for a girl.   To create this space, add materials made of felt and wool, and use untreated wooden furniture or pale colored woods.  As the colors of the room will be quite cool, it's important to use warm, & cuddly soft furnishings to keep it balanced.  Decoration items should feature mountains, glaciers, polar bears, Eskimo's, snowflakes, arctic foxes and seals. Finally, add a cup of hot chocolate (with marshmallows), a pair of ugg boots and a hooded dressing gown and you have yourself a very cool "winter wonderland" kids room or should i say Igloo?


Want to buy?

1. Wallpaper: http://www.shop.finelittleday.com/wallpapers/gran-wallpaper
2. Light by Muuto: http://nordicfusion.com.au
3. Polar print: http://www.etsy.com/listing/84502200/polar-bear-graphic-art-illustration

4. Mountain Peak Cushion: http://www.donnawilson.com

5. Oeuf Sparrow Bed: http://www.theinfantboutique.com.au

6. Mt Fuji Bean Bag: http://shop.littleredstuga.se/se/shop.php?id=2512

7. Little Winter Print: http://www.etsy.com/listing/76731523/little-winter-giclee-print

8. Eames Children's Rocker: http://www.modernseed.com/eamesrarrocker.html

9. Polar Bear box: www.kidostore.com







There's a bear in there

05Jan 2012


Hopefully you read my last blog on Children's Interior Trends for 2012, and therefore you will be anticipating this instalment.  As you may be aware, in 2011, there were many tree's, owls and deers visiting our homes (well not literally, but you know what i mean).  This year, there will be even more woodland creatures making appearances.  You will need to be on the look out for foxes, raccoons, squirrels, bears and even skunks.  If you are wanting to create a warm and cosy nursery or kid's room then the woodland theme could be perfect.  Colors include rich browns, olive green, shades of orange and my favourite color (at this moment), grey.   If you are not wanting to go overboard but still like the idea of incorporating this theme, then a simple lamp may the perfect solution.  Appropriately named Down to the woods, has a couple of wonderful choices and their woodland wall stickers are also quite cool if you want to go all out.   To be honest it's not my favourite trend for 2012 but i do  love lots of the products out there and think the woodland room can look amazing if done right. 
I can't wait to bring you the next blog as I think it would be favourite up and coming trend.  "I wonder what it will be"?, i hear you ask... Well I will give you a clue, it's very cold.


Want to buy?
1. Bear print: http://www.etsy.com/shop/lulufroot

2. Tree Cushion: www.donnawilson.com

3. Fox Cushion: www.donnawilson.com

4. R for Raccoon print: http://www.etsy.com/shop/holli?section_id=5535721

5. Deer Print: www.lauradifrancesco.blogspot.com