Wear your favorite bow every day

24Apr 2013
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Two of my great loves when decorating children's rooms are Linen and Wallpaper.  When it comes to wallpaper i feel spoilt for choice. There are so many fantastic wallpapers available both new and vintage and so many different looks available.  I never know where to start, it's quite overwhelming, but I still get excited every time a client mentions they are open to wallpaper.  Linen is another story.  It's very rare for me to find children's linen that i really love.  I often get emails from mum's asking me where to find really cool linen, so today i thought i would share one of my favorite brands.  "Bibelotte" is a Dutch brand that has been around since 2006.  The reason i love this brand is because it's so easy to mix and match.  I love their Little Range best, with floral sheets, reversible quilt covers, little house cushions and the super sweet accessories. The lamp shades are adorable as are the wall prints and of course the wallpaper.  I could easily have the Little Quilt Cover and sheets on my bed - not sure if my partner would like it but hey, his eyes are closed when he is in bed anyway. 






Wallpaper is cool

10Oct 2011
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Wallpaper is back!  I know you are thinking back to the 1970's brown and yellow sunflower print on your grandma's sunroom and thinking, Gross, who would want wallpaper?  But now that you have seen the images above, you are suddenly thinking, I love those Owls, they would look great in ............'s (insert name) room.  Even more exciting is removable wallpaper is now available.  Which means no more sticky glue, once it has been outgrown it's easily removable and if you are renting, it won't damage walls.  So if you do love this look, and want to jazz up ..............'s (insert name) room, then I advise you contact me and let me help you pick the perfect wallpaper for Max's room (I was sick of insering name), hope i guessed correctly.


Image 1: Designs by www.wallcandyarts.com

Image 2 & 3: www.fermliving.com.au

Image 4: www.thewallstickercompany.com.au



Wallpaper and donuts

13Jul 2011
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When i was young, much younger, i wanted a gingerbread house.  I didn't even like gingerbread but the candy and lollipops looked delicious and I couldn't wait for a midnight snack of iced donuts which i'd take from the windows.  Now that i am older, much older, i would prefer a wallpaper house.  I love the contrasting colors and patterns and the pot plant as a chimney on the roof..genius idea.  Maybe i can incorporate donuts into my wallpaper house, then it would be the perfect home!