Swiden Design = Love

15Dec 2011
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Normally, i write about design, color, new ideas anything that i may feel will inspire you.  Today i am writing about my inspiration.  I have fallen in love with "Swiden Design".  I love the colors, shapes, patterns and can't wait to incorporate these into my next room design.  Charlotte Swiden is the pretty creative face behind this brand, and i love that they are made here in Melbourne.  So many of her products can be used in children's rooms.  The wooden TIVOLIVAT decorations will look amazing in the bookshelf, on the window ledge or on the bedside table.  The cushions are fun and bright and the perfect accessory for the bed or chair.  The coasters & cutting board can be used as little trays, perfect to put trinkets on, to put clips or kids jewellery on or even to stand up and use as art work.   Speaking of Art work, the posters are tremendous (is that still a word) and the cards perfect to frame.  Sorry to my lovely sister who may think she is getting a gift from Swiden Design this year, but some things i just can't part with.. Nothing wrong with the Ikea tea towel i got you though.

All images & amazing products available at:  www.swiden.com.au