City Living

02Aug 2011
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Apartment living with children in Europe is very common & it seems we are now starting to follow this trend.  The Australian dream of a 3 bedroom home in the suburbs with a white picket fence is being replaced by inner city living, being close to parks and cafes with shared communal vegie patches.  With such small living spaces, it is becoming imparative that designers come up with new ideas to ensure these spaces are both functional, practical but still fun.  This boys room is perfectly designed for apartment living.  It only requires a small amount of room, and includes a cool loft bed, secret wardrobe space and the fantastic wide stairs which allowfor toys & books to be displayed.  The mushrooms and rug bring color and fun into the room and as for playing space, no doubt there is 2 hectares just across the road.. who says we need a white picket fence?