Camping is fun

02Apr 2013
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Hi, it's me again.  Jacinda.  Remember last blog post i promised to bring you trends for 2013/14.  Well I haven't broken my promise, and here i am again to share another trend with you.

I recently spoke about Urban Warrior and the next trend is along the same lines.  I am calling it "Boy Guides" (yes a cross between Girl Guides and Boy Scouts).  The great outdoors was a theme we saw in 2012 and it will continue this year and next year.  With the age of technology playing such a huge part in our children's lives, it's all about getting them outdoors and expoloring.  Boy Guides is about adding elements of expoloration and nature into our kids rooms.  It may be a tent and log cushions, toy camera's, binoculars, or compasses..  Badge collecting is another great idea - just like Scouts awarding badges when children have been well behaved or when they have completed a task exceptionaly well, these badges can be pinned on a pinboard, sewn onto a cushion, or even pinned onto the tent like the one in this design board. 

I love this Boy Guide Trend as it creates imaginary play - setting up a campfire (pretend of course), sleeping outdoors under the stars, toasting marshmallows, looking for and collecting bugs, and even taking photographs.   Whilst i bring you new trends i don't recommend that you go overboard and turn your kids room into a forrest, it's all about making you aware and providing you with inspiration.  You may decide to add a new print & cushion, or purchase this very cool tent or you may decide to work this theme into the next birthday party - now i would have loved to have a Girl Scout party growing up :-)

Next week i will bring you another cool trend we will see this year.. I am still trying to create a creative name for it, but this trend will have something to do with ice-creams and lollipops and is one for the girls (think i may have to sample a few ice-creams between now and then to tell you more about it).


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An apple a day.....

02Oct 2011
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I am not sure where this 'apple" craze first started, I know we all love our apple i-phones and apple mac's but it seems now apples are creeping into our children's rooms.  Maybe we are trying to send subliminal messages to our children, to eat more fruit, as i have also noticed pears are also popping up.

(Images: www.mokkasin.com & www.booandtheboy.com)