It's all about the boys

18Jun 2013
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I hear you.  You need help with boys linen.  I have the emails, i have the facebook messages and i am now going to help you.  It's out there you know.  Boys linen does exist.  It's about mixing and matching.  Today i am keeping it simple.  I have picked 3 doona covers from Ikea, which means CHEAP, a single bed cover can be as cheap as $15.00 and trust me they have great designs.  It's just mixing and matching.  If you don't think you are very good at this then do what i have done with these designs and just choose 2 colors.  You can then look for different shades of those colors and different patterns and you will see that they all come together.  
For each design i have chosen 4 items.  
1. duvet cover (we call them doona covers)
2. cushion
3. throw blanket 

4. soft toy. 

All these items together will make your bed look dressed.  Of course you can add sheets, quilts & various pillowcases, but today i am just keeping it simple.  In these designs i have used basic colors and patterns but i have added personality to the quilts by using accessories. 
I have used plain colors in the doona covers but have brightened them with the cushions and throws.  I have used different textures like wool, cushions with prints, and rugs with tassles all to make the bed interesting.  If you have a king single or double bed in your boys room look in adult shops (no, not that kind of adult shop, i mean places like Country Road, Adairs, Aura HomeDomayne) and look at the adult ranges, then just add some cute cushions and a soft toy to make if kid friendly and age appropriate. 
My next blog, i will share some of the places from all over the world that i source cushions, throws and linen from.  It will be your job to combine the items together but don't buy things from the same shop (unless you are desperate to save in postage), but remember mix and match and if you are unsure a) just choose two colors or b) contact your friend Jacinda (that's me) for assistance.


To start you off, here are some of the suppliers from this design board....

Blue & Grey:Doona Cover, Moon Cushion, & Crochet Monkey: Blue Dot throw rug - available to order - Hide & Sleep.
Orange & Black: Doona CoverFerm Living Cushion, Harvey BlanketCorby Tindersticks 

Grey & Mustard: Doona Cover, Cross Cushion, Remix Blanket & Tiger Cushion - available to order - Hide & Sleep   


I look forward to sharing more with you next week or maybe tomorrow if i have time :-) 





No jumping allowed

23Jun 2011
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For 3 boys sharing a room these suspended bunk beds are a fantastic idea.  It's not only space saving but they also look great.  They are also safer than they look, with a brace in the wall, lots of bolts and strong industrial ropes.   I am sure the friends of these boys would love sleepovers as it would remind them of being on a school camp, although there would be strictly no jumping on these beds!!