Vintage Art

26Oct 2011
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Art is a big part when designing a child's room, and i use the word "art" very loosely, as art to me can be a child's drawing, a picture from a golden book or a photograph on canvas. Vintage Art is very cool and i love using it mainly because it doesn't date, in fact it gets better with age.  Although it looks great framed, it also looks just as good hanging by a vintage coat hanger, hung with pegs or paper clips.  Vintage art is charming and unque and often comical which is quite cute.  It can also be educational by using vintage maps, science and alphabet charts.  Looking back, i can now blame my mother for my poor math skills, if only she had of used a multiplication chart on my wall rather than the Rainbow Bright poster.  Oh well, atleast i know where i got my love of colour.



image 1: www.marktuckey.com.au
image 2: www.athome.kimvallee.com

image 3: www.designpirationsk.com

image 4: www.ebay.com.au







No-one better

01Sep 2011
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Growing up I had posters of Madonna, Cyndi Lauper, Alison Brahe (Dolly Model), and Dannii Minougue amongst many others on my walls.  I wanted to dance like Madonna, sing like Cyndi and look like Alison, not to mention play tennis like Steffi, dress like Kylie and have hair like the girls in Beverly Hills 90210.  There is nothing wrong with wanting to be the best you can be, but sometimes you have to remember not to try and be like others and to just be you. This is a great print to put in your girls room, whether she is 3 or 18, you are never to young or old to be reminded to "just be you".. afterall there is no-one better.



It's a Bromley

27Jun 2011
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I have always been a huge fan of David Bromley's work.  I love his nudes but I am thinking they may not be exactly suitable for a child's room.  What i do think is amazing though, is this David Bromley Quilt.  I think it would look perfect hanging on the wall of a child's room.  Not only can it be used as art but can also be used as a Quilt when your child has a larger bed, or better still, can be used on your bed.