Shelves.. Shelves and more Shelves....

17Nov 2011
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hanging boxes



mmmmmmmmmm... where to put those little trinkets that were given at birth, christening's and for birthdays?  Shelves are the perfect place.  Especially shelves that are out of reach.  Not only will shelving come in handy to keep precious gifts safe from little hands, but displaying, books, prints, and little treasures will also provide color and a much more exciting visuals than a blank wall.  These shelving ideas are cool & inexpensive (the best kind)  and will have your friends envious that they didn't think of doing it first.  Ikea spice racks were used in the first image, and were painted, fun, bright colors.  I love the idea of using the paint charts below, another inexpensive idea.  In the second image, old wooden boxes were used, which you will be able to find at second hand markets, garage sales or on ebay.  These boxes are also great to use as toy storage.  In the last image, we have a second hand cupboard which is adorable, especially with the little windows.  This is sure to be a talking point, and there are many sweet 1950's cupboards being thrown out with hard rubbish, so always be on the look out.  Or visit Grandma and tell her you think her kitchen needs updating and you can help her find a home for old kitchen cupboards, she will think you are ever so thoughtful.  It's a win, win.


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