Welcome to my party

09May 2012
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No Hide & Sleep have not ventured into party styling.. But i am a fan of using party items in children's rooms.  I love pin the tail on the donkey, and don't see any reason why this classic game can't be used all year round.  Just pop it up on the wall and bang, instant artwork.  The good ole' Mexican pinata is another party favourite that can be hung above your child's desk or bed to add some color and character and best of all, it's cheap and cheerful.  And what about the happy birthday banner.  Nothing wrong with cutting it up and hanging the word "HAPPY" in your little one's room, a little reminder to be happy each day and not just on your birthday.  So next time you are at a child's party or even celebrating your own, have a look around and see what you can recycle.  Paper cups are great for crayons and pencils, fairy lights can be hung above the bedroom door, paper lanterns can be used as a hanging mobile, paper plates to be pinned as artwork, and then there is the birthday outfit. A beautiful dress or pair of shoes can be put on display, a reminder of that special birthday, too good to hide away.   So at that next party, forget the lolly bag, and ask for the pinwheels on the table, much better than any goodie bag if you ask me.