Trend Alert: Ombre...Ombre... Ombre...

02Apr 2012
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om·bré adj \ˈäm-ˌbrā\ - OMBRE:  having colors or tones that shade into each other —used especially of fabrics in which the color is graduated from light to dark.   Have you noticed the Ombre trend?  I certainly have and i am loving it.  This week i am sporting a new ombre hair color, and have pink ombre nails, both which inspired this post.  I have seen this trend in the fashion industry with dresses, scarves and jumpers, in the wedding industry with cakes, flowers and decorations and we are now seeing it in being worked into interior design. 

You will soon notice (if you haven't already) this trend every where, from rugs, to vases, to curtains and quilt covers.  Although i don't recommend you go overboard, a couple of lovely items with this pattern can look beautiful in the home.
Two of my clients (hello Jacqui & Suzanne) are both incorporating ombre into their children's rooms.  Both have purchased 2nd hand drawers from eBay and have painted each drawer a different tone but using the same color.  Jacqui's drawers will be shades of pink, whilst Suzanne has chosen shades of blue. (be on the lookout for these rooms over the next coming weeks and see if you can see the drawers i am referring to).   

And just remember drawers are not the only thing you can paint, look around your home or kid's room and use your imagination or take inspiration from the design board above. If you don't feel ready for an ombre feature wall just yet, start with your finger nails, nudes and peaches are pretty safe.