Beach House for Rent

24Aug 2011
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Not everyone can afford a beach house, so i have decided to bring the beach house to you.  The light and breezy feel of this room is due to the materials used.  The light colored walls, floors and celing, allow this room to feel bright and spacious.
The cane beds work really well with the natural colored elements and the pink and yellow bed linen is an interesting color combination which works in this room.  Of course no beach house is complete without a touch of blue, which has been incorporated in the bedside "crab" lamps.  A couple of books to read, an outside breeze, some sand on the floor and you and the kids have your own beachside shack without having to leave the house.

Combination Code Required

15Aug 2011
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Industrial Items & warehouse style furniture is now becoming very popular in teenagers rooms.  I love the idea of storing their baseball bats, hockey sticks, and other sports equipment in these cool lockers.  This sleek, industrial look is not everyones cup of tea but add a few photo's of family and friends, or a poster or two and it will give it a much softer look... Or you could simply paint them - these hot pink lockers are definately eye catching & cheerful.  I just hope your kids are better at remembering their lock combination code than i was at school - was it 1011 or 1110?

Slow Down!!!

10Aug 2011
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You do know that decorating a nursery doesn't have to be expensive, don't you?  I know women tend to get a litle excited when they fall pregnant and can't wait to go shopping for all the nursery items, but this can be done without having to hide the receipts from our husbands.  A little bit of creativity & knowing where to look is a good start (and if you don't have either of those things.. then there is always ME).  The reason i love this room is that it looks cool & quirky but you (and I) can create this look on a budget.  Second hand cots, bassinets, baskets, and other wonderful vintage items can be found at markets, garage sales and sometimes even on the side of the road.  It doesn't take much to spruce them up, some disinfectant & a coat of paint and you have brand new nursery furniture for pittance.  With so many amazing paint colors available, why not have a purple or yellow cot?   Finally look around your home, you will be suprised what you can find, a spice rack to hang as shelving, a pillowcase to make a cushion from or a laundry basket to use as a toy chest.  And remember when you drive past hard rubbish.. SLOW DOWN.

Off to bed kids!!

09Aug 2011
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I am sure Aalto & Aalto designed this "treehouse bed" as they were sick and tired of trying to get their own children to bed each night.  These bunks are practical yet playful and as i spoke about apartment living recently, these bunk beds would be perfect.  I love the mint & grey colors used on the walls combined with the bed linen and quirky artworks.....makes me think your children will be running to bed each night - no more bribing for you!! 



Cloud 9

08Aug 2011
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I have just completed Grace's Room and added images to my Gallery.  This is my favourite image as it already reminds me of all the things i love about her room.  My client's father passed away and wanted a reminder of him to be with Grace, so I thought these "Grumpy" (as he was affectionately known) blocks would be a lovely reminder.  I didn't want to add a photo or something big and bold, just a sweet little memento so Grace would know that her Grumpy Grandpa was always with her.

I painted this stool aqua to match an elephant painting that Grace received as gift and added the bunny lamp which is gorgeous but also practical.  This will be a great breastfeeding space for my client as the chair is big and comfortable and the bunny lets out a soft light so will allow Grace to drift back to sleep without the glare of a bright light.  I love the polka dot cushion and the Cloud with her polka dotted stockings and mary jane shoes.. plus it reminded me of my logo, so how could i not fall in love with it.  I am sure Grace will adore her and they both will sleep on Cloud 9 in Grace's new nursery.

There's a whale on my wall

03Aug 2011
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I do understand & like the minimalist style despite my love of combining toys, patterns, colors, lamps, rugs, beds, artwork, mobiles, desks and all the things I just can't get enough of.   And this is one minimalist room that i love. It's simply, a bed, wall mural and toy chest - yet it is still colorful, boyish and creative.  I am not sure what the script on the murual says, but i am thinking maybe something simple like "there's a whale on my wall? if anyone can tell me different, i would love to know."

City Living

02Aug 2011
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Apartment living with children in Europe is very common & it seems we are now starting to follow this trend.  The Australian dream of a 3 bedroom home in the suburbs with a white picket fence is being replaced by inner city living, being close to parks and cafes with shared communal vegie patches.  With such small living spaces, it is becoming imparative that designers come up with new ideas to ensure these spaces are both functional, practical but still fun.  This boys room is perfectly designed for apartment living.  It only requires a small amount of room, and includes a cool loft bed, secret wardrobe space and the fantastic wide stairs which allowfor toys & books to be displayed.  The mushrooms and rug bring color and fun into the room and as for playing space, no doubt there is 2 hectares just across the road.. who says we need a white picket fence?


Teenagers need cool rooms too

01Aug 2011
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It's not just nurseries or children's rooms that need to be cool.  Teenagers need cool rooms too.  This room is perfect for a teenage girl.  It's colorful & fun yet it also has a grown up feel to it.  I love this room so much, i don't know where to start.  The rug, lampshade, blanket, bean bags, and canary yellow side table all blend beautifully.  I love that Emma can sit at the table with her friends and gossip or sit alone reading a magazine.  The television on the wall allows Emma to watch tv in her room but becuase there are so many patterns and colors surrounding it, it's not an eyesore.  The tree is a subtle but lovely feature and I think flowers should be used more in kids/teenagers rooms.  I think if all teenagers had such a wonderful room, you would never have to worry about where they are, i think you would always find them safe and sound giggling with friends in these fun bean bags... and isn't that where you want them?