A blackboard

29Jun 2011
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Blackboards have been popular with children for many, many years and i don't see this changing in the near future.  Here are a couple ideas for Children's Rooms or Playrooms.  I adore the blackboard table and love that it encourages children to be creative.  The image with numerous vintage blackboards is a wonderful way to decorate a wall whilst inspiring your child to create their very own gallery.  You may just have a junior Picasso on your hands.




Little Kitchen

28Jun 2011
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For those children that have small bedrooms or share a bedroom and don't have much space, a playroom is a great idea.  You don't even need to create a whole room, even a bare wall in the kitchen or laundry would suffice.  As you can see from this Kitchen Playroom,  it can be neat and tidy with shelving and placed up against a wall to save space and the best part : it is fun, and provides hours of entertainment.  I am guessing that if my parents had of provided me with a little kitchen i may be able to make much more than chicken sandwiches (although they are pretty delicious).

Bedtime Story

28Jun 2011
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This brings new meaning to snuggling up with a good book!!!  Photographer & inspirationalist, Yusuke Suzuki, created this amazing book bed.  It can be folded during the day to save space and then opened at night to create a warm, cozy, fun, bed to sleep in.  Imagine the wonderful dreams you would have if you slept in this bed. You could start a new chapter every night!!



It's a Bromley

27Jun 2011
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I have always been a huge fan of David Bromley's work.  I love his nudes but I am thinking they may not be exactly suitable for a child's room.  What i do think is amazing though, is this David Bromley Quilt.  I think it would look perfect hanging on the wall of a child's room.  Not only can it be used as art but can also be used as a Quilt when your child has a larger bed, or better still, can be used on your bed. 

No jumping allowed

23Jun 2011
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For 3 boys sharing a room these suspended bunk beds are a fantastic idea.  It's not only space saving but they also look great.  They are also safer than they look, with a brace in the wall, lots of bolts and strong industrial ropes.   I am sure the friends of these boys would love sleepovers as it would remind them of being on a school camp, although there would be strictly no jumping on these beds!!

Shades of Blue

22Jun 2011
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I love using Color in children's rooms.  I especially love the variatons of blue/green used on the drawers in this image.  It's such a simple idea but trust me, getting the shades perfect is much harder than you think.  I also love the material hanging which incorporates the same shades and the big blue B letter completes this wonderful look.  I wonder what  the B stands for?  I am guessing it stands for Belle or maybe even Beth but Beatrice is also an option.  I also love the bunny lamp which i will be using in baby Grace's room which i am working on at the moment.  I will add pictures to my gallery as soon as it's finished so keep on checking!!

Alexandrena Parker - I appreciate

21Jun 2011
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In my line of work i am constantly inspired - not just by beautiful products and things but by inspirational people.  I recently came across the photography of Alexandrena Parker whose photography is simply beautiful.  I write about her today as she lives with Cystic fibrosis, a condition that affects 70,000 people world wide and affects many Australian Children.  I am sure due to her illness Alexandrena appreciates all the amazing things she gets to photograph and through her lens she would see so many beautiful precious images...small things that many more fortunate people never take the time to appreciate.  Alexandrena I appreciate you!    For more information on Cystic fibrosis please visit http://www.cysticfibrosis.org.au/.

Thick as thieves

19Jun 2011
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I adore this image by Elly Mackay.  I would love to use it in a teenager's room to remind them of the importance of friendship.  As a child my family moved around a lot so i don't have the privilege of having a special childhood friend.  This image makes me smile as I wonder what mischievious adventures these girls have shared and what exciting adventures are to come.  I am fortunate enough to have amazing girlfriends in my life which is why i appreciate the gift of friendship so much.  With so many facebook friends, maybe you could add a little reminder in your child's room of the value of real, long lasting, thick as thieves friendship.

It's a Hoot!

15Jun 2011
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It's so cold in Melbourne at the moment.  The last place you want the kids is outside in the rain.  So put on the heater, grab some glue, & make these cheerful little owls.  They are cheap as chips and are downloadable from Mibo Studio.
They only take a couple of minutes to make and you will then be able to find a special home for them.  I am sure they would look great in a bookshelf or even on window cill, much better to look at these chirpy owls than the miserable Melbourne weather. C'mon it will be a Hoot!!!

Hang on to me

14Jun 2011
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Okay, i get that i might have a slight obsession with tree's at the moment.  BUT i LOVE this and had to share.  It would be so easy to make.  Just a couple of fence pailings, a ruler, and a few odd bits of wood.  Perfect in a kids room.  No more wet winter raincoats on the floor, school bags would have a home, not to mention scarves, hats, belts, umbrella's, hoodies, jewellery and the list goes on.  We could even add some fabric flowers to make it prettier.  I have lots more idea's if anyone is interested in putting a tree stand in their home!

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