Papier Mache

31May 2011
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I love magazines.  I love paper.  I love the feel, the smell, the glossiness, the sound of flicking the pages and the anticpation of what's to come.
I didn't think i liked digital magazines.  Then i discovered Papier Mache.  It was love at first sight.  I love the photography, the children, the inspiration, the quirkiness and i love that i can buy the published version.  Now i just have to wait impatiently by my letterbox.  In the meantime you can visit www.papier-mache.com.au - Enjoy!



Mixed Gelati Please

29May 2011
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Mint green is a beautiful color for a nursery.  It's soft, calming and even edibile.
If a girl is born, then you make a gelati colored room adding yellows and pinks...
And for a boy, brown and mint, makes choc mint. If only the walls tasted as good as they looked, i think i would be painting mine Pavlova white.



The Year of the Rabbit

26May 2011
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2011 is the year of the Rabbit.  I was thinking this goregous bunny light would be the perfect gift for my pregnant girlfriend.
I then remembered her baby is due in December.  What if she is late and born in January.  2012 the year of the Dragon. 
Not quite sure a Dragon lamp will be as cute.  Maybe i should get the owl to be safe. 



Incy Wincy Eggy

25May 2011
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My grandfather may have his own recliner armchair, but it doesn't come close to being as cool as this replica "Arne Jacobsen" Egg Chair.

Can you believe the original was designed in 1958?   I LOVE the brown leather egg chair and am thinking that during this cold melbourne weather, I could curl up in this pint sized chair and be quite snug and cozy.  Anyone want to join me?  I will let you choose one of the other colors..


When I was young......

08May 2011
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When I was young, i shared a bedroom with my sister.  We had bunk beds.. Hot Pink bunk beds.. They were nice hot pink bunk beds but they weren't my bunk beds, they were ours.

What I really, really, wanted was a room like this one.  I didn't want new toys (although that would have been nice), I didn't want a bike, I didn't want dolls, I wanted my very own room that I could decorate the way I wanted.  I wanted to have a place i could hide and a place I could sleep .  A place that was colorful, where i could keep my things.. presents I had received, pictures I had painted in class, shells I had collected on the beach, and toys that I bought with my pocket money.
Now I want to create bedrooms for other children.  Every child is different,and this room may not be what every little girls wants, but it would of been my dream room growing up. It's all the things I wanted.  It's whimsical, girly, colorful, and sweet.  And I love the alcove and would have loved having my own little roof over my head.  I would have loved it so much and although I wouldn't have wanted to share it with my sister, I would have invited her into my room to come and play.