Vintage Art

26Oct 2011
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Art is a big part when designing a child's room, and i use the word "art" very loosely, as art to me can be a child's drawing, a picture from a golden book or a photograph on canvas. Vintage Art is very cool and i love using it mainly because it doesn't date, in fact it gets better with age.  Although it looks great framed, it also looks just as good hanging by a vintage coat hanger, hung with pegs or paper clips.  Vintage art is charming and unque and often comical which is quite cute.  It can also be educational by using vintage maps, science and alphabet charts.  Looking back, i can now blame my mother for my poor math skills, if only she had of used a multiplication chart on my wall rather than the Rainbow Bright poster.  Oh well, atleast i know where i got my love of colour.



image 1: www.marktuckey.com.au
image 2: www.athome.kimvallee.com

image 3: www.designpirationsk.com

image 4: www.ebay.com.au







Wallpaper is cool

10Oct 2011
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Wallpaper is back!  I know you are thinking back to the 1970's brown and yellow sunflower print on your grandma's sunroom and thinking, Gross, who would want wallpaper?  But now that you have seen the images above, you are suddenly thinking, I love those Owls, they would look great in ............'s (insert name) room.  Even more exciting is removable wallpaper is now available.  Which means no more sticky glue, once it has been outgrown it's easily removable and if you are renting, it won't damage walls.  So if you do love this look, and want to jazz up ..............'s (insert name) room, then I advise you contact me and let me help you pick the perfect wallpaper for Max's room (I was sick of insering name), hope i guessed correctly.


Image 1: Designs by www.wallcandyarts.com

Image 2 & 3: www.fermliving.com.au

Image 4: www.thewallstickercompany.com.au



White on White

06Oct 2011
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At the moment i am working on a white on white room.  I have always loved this look, and it takes me back to my short obsession with Shabby Chic, actually maybe not so short as i still love the vintage, distressed look.  nursery is so beautiful and tranquil, and just like your newborn so pure.  As you can see from the images, a white room doesn't have to be all white to look charming.  I recommend adding natural wooden furniture and combine with creams, and muted colors to create a soft and cosy feel.   Although i advise white for nurseries and teenagers, anywhere in the middle may be difficult to accomplish - usually due to the excessive amount of bright colored toys accumulated over the years.....mmmmm, now why wasn't Dora an albino, i guess you could always just stick with wedding barbies and a miffy dolls.


(images: www.remodelista,com & www.thebooandthyboy.com)

An apple a day.....

02Oct 2011
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I am not sure where this 'apple" craze first started, I know we all love our apple i-phones and apple mac's but it seems now apples are creeping into our children's rooms.  Maybe we are trying to send subliminal messages to our children, to eat more fruit, as i have also noticed pears are also popping up.

(Images: www.mokkasin.com & www.booandtheboy.com)