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06Aug 2012


When designing a room, i really want my client to LOVE it.. and i am not referring to my client "you", i am referring to my client "the child".  Of course i am happy if you like it also and if dad and brothers, sisters and friends love it, then bonus.     Recently i finished a young boy Jack's room (photo's soon) and although his mum likes it, she doesn't love it.  Way too much red.  But Jack loves it.  His mum sent me a text telling me that Jack has been going to bed, telling her, "I love my room mum", and that is why i do what i do.  I love that Jack is proud of his room.  I love that Jack feels at home and is comfortable.  I love that Jack has his own space where he can be himself, and that he was able to articulate what he wanted (RED), and that I could bring this to life for him.

One way of me helping children love their room is to design a play area for them.  It doesn't have to be a large area, it can be just a small section, and depending on your child's likes and interests, it can be as simple as adding an easel and turning a coner into an arts & crafts section, it could be a bean bag and some shelves giving a child an instant library, or adding some hooks to the wall and hanging their musical instruments including a small stage that could have them playing air guitar for hours. 

Here are some great ideas that hopefully will inspire you transform your child's bedroom to a place that they can also play in (which means less mess in the lounge room).











1. A cute cubby house or tent is a great hiding & playing spot.
2. Add an extra large cushion, sleeping bag or covered mattress to create a reading area.
3. A built in desk is a great place for children to draw.
4. Add a swing, so much fun...just not near a window of course..

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