Visit to Ruby's Room

31Jan 2012

This is Ruby!!  Ruby is 2 today.  When i first visited Ruby's room, i liked what i saw and knew that Ruby's mum (Danielle) and I had a similar style.  Danielle kept changing her mind when decorating Ruby's room and felt it was never complete, so she called upon me to finish the room and help her make final choices.  During the consultation we spoke about colours and both agreed we liked yellow's and grey's so I chose a cute Yellow Apple Print and added a grey cushion and Beauty Baby doll which is also grey.

We also wanted to use some brighter colours and different prints into the room, which I did by using art work on the walls, choosing some brightly coloured baskets for the change table, and then adding hot pink, white and orange bedding (looks much better than it sounds).

This is Beauty Baby - Ruby and I think she is beautiful.


Love the grey's and yellows which match perfectly with the bright pink orange.


Ruby loves to read her books, so I created a little library space, and added a comfortable but gorgeous Jumble cushion and a crocheted basket for additional books.
Danielle loves to take photo's and is a great photographer, so I added floating shelves and used photo's of Ruby to add a personal element to the room.  I also incorporated Swiden design wooden decorations and little geometric cubes for pattern and colour.
                              How cute is the photo of Ruby wearing Danielle's wedding day heels!!!  

 Happy birthday Ruby, i hope that you, mousey, and beauty baby are having a picnic in your new room right now xx


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