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02Jan 2012







2012 & 2013 will bring us new trends in children's bedroom and playroom designs.  The next couple of Blogs that i post will be all about last years trends that are staying with us a little longer and new trends that will follow.  From furniture to colors, to decoration, i will keep you up to date so you know what to expect in the next 12 to 18 months.  Travel was big in 2011, with around the world wall stickers, world map cushions and inflatable globes.  This year the travel bug will continue, With world maps and even personalised street maps being featured on children's walls.  Suitcases will be seen again both used as storage or decoration.  Older vintage suitcases piled up & used as a side table in vintage inspired rooms and fun fabric suitcases which will add color and pattern will be featured in modern bedrooms.   We are encouraging our children from an early age to travel and see the world, using art, toys and play to inspire them.  I have a feeling we are also getting quite nostalgic ourselves, and want to be reminded of our time in Paris or London, so adding Big Ben stickers to our children's walls and Parisian maps, not only looks great but also makes us smile.  If you are looking for something different to world maps, but still want to inspire travel, Postage stamp posters are great, especially in a foreign language - you can find some here.  Also be on the lookout for camera related items, these will be particularly popular with teenagers.  Finally a cheap and chearful idea is to ask everyone that travels, to send your child a postcard, you can then make your own travel garland, or make their own pin board, promising to take them to a destination of their choice when they reach 13.  I know Disneyland would of been on my list, but then i didn't have a Parisan street map to inspire me.


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