Slow Down!!!

10Aug 2011
Slow Down!!! http://www.spearmintbaby.com

You do know that decorating a nursery doesn't have to be expensive, don't you?  I know women tend to get a litle excited when they fall pregnant and can't wait to go shopping for all the nursery items, but this can be done without having to hide the receipts from our husbands.  A little bit of creativity & knowing where to look is a good start (and if you don't have either of those things.. then there is always ME).  The reason i love this room is that it looks cool & quirky but you (and I) can create this look on a budget.  Second hand cots, bassinets, baskets, and other wonderful vintage items can be found at markets, garage sales and sometimes even on the side of the road.  It doesn't take much to spruce them up, some disinfectant & a coat of paint and you have brand new nursery furniture for pittance.  With so many amazing paint colors available, why not have a purple or yellow cot?   Finally look around your home, you will be suprised what you can find, a spice rack to hang as shelving, a pillowcase to make a cushion from or a laundry basket to use as a toy chest.  And remember when you drive past hard rubbish.. SLOW DOWN.

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