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08Aug 2011
Cloud nine Cloud nine www.hidesleep.com.au

I have just completed Grace's Room and added images to my Gallery.  This is my favourite image as it already reminds me of all the things i love about her room.  My client's father passed away and wanted a reminder of him to be with Grace, so I thought these "Grumpy" (as he was affectionately known) blocks would be a lovely reminder.  I didn't want to add a photo or something big and bold, just a sweet little memento so Grace would know that her Grumpy Grandpa was always with her.

I painted this stool aqua to match an elephant painting that Grace received as gift and added the bunny lamp which is gorgeous but also practical.  This will be a great breastfeeding space for my client as the chair is big and comfortable and the bunny lets out a soft light so will allow Grace to drift back to sleep without the glare of a bright light.  I love the polka dot cushion and the Cloud with her polka dotted stockings and mary jane shoes.. plus it reminded me of my logo, so how could i not fall in love with it.  I am sure Grace will adore her and they both will sleep on Cloud 9 in Grace's new nursery.

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