Sunshine Scarlett

    July 6, 2016

    Today I wanted to share my latest project with you.

    Meet Scarlett.  Scarlett is 3 years old and lives with her parents and her brother Ashton in a bayside suburb in Melbourne.  When I visited Scarlett’s family home I noticed that her mum in particular had eclectic taste.  Her parents being travellers had lots of home wares, art, and furnishings that they had collected from all over the world.  During my consultation, I could see Scarlett was a bit of a free spirit like her mother and I wanted to give Scarlett a fun, happy but unique room.

    Sunshine Scarlett

    I have loved the Mr Perswall wallpaper for many years but hadn’t found a brave enough client until I met Amber (Scarlett’s mum).  I ordered a sample and even when I saw the sample I was scared and a bit taken back.  It was actually Amber that said it would be okay, and that she loved it and wanted to use it.  I am so glad she did and I didn’t talk her out of it.

    The dollhouse was a 3rd birthday present for Scarlett and she loves playing with it.  I decided to raise it using an Ikea bench and put some pom pom baskets underneath for extra toy storage and to also keep the growing collection of doll house accessories.  The bedside table is a family love tree rattan side table that adds a vintage touch and that is home to the cloud lamp that was a gift from Santa.

    Sunshine Scarlett

    When I suggested the Byron Bay hanging chair, I had to deal with Scarlett’s dad.  I had to convince him that it would be stable and that we would hang it low so that there wasn’t any danger of either of the children hurting themselves.  I picked up a faux fur rug from K-mart and added this to the chair, as well as the cutest rabbit cushion and a pom pom garland that I used to wrap around the outside of the chair to make it more fun and playful.  The stool from Kido Store was the perfect height for a basket of books, a place Scarlett can sit and read and have time out from her sometimes noisy and boisterous brother.

    Sunshine Scarlett

    Opposite the dollhouse is a white console which doubles as a toy storage.  My client already had this and wanted to replace it, but it was practical and also looked great, so I convinced her to keep it.  I proceeded to decorate it with a plant in a fun rope basket, a few cute mushroom toys and a beautiful cat doll that sits proudly over looking Scarlett playing in her room.  The art I chose is by Pete Cromer and whilst I loved the colours in these prints it was the nature element that won me over as I know the whole family is a nature loving family – flowers, toadstools, leaves, all those lovely things.

    One of the other things I love about Scarlett’s room is the colours we used.  The pink and mint work so well together but the yellow adds happiness to the room and reminds me of Sunshine which is exactly how I see Scarlett – a little ray of Sunshine.

    Sunshine Scarlett

    A big thank you to my clients for being so wonderful to work with and my awesome photographer/friend – Danielle Trovato.  I hope this room bought some sunshine your way xxx

    Sunshine Scarlett

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