Shared Girls Room

    December 8, 2016

    When I first visited and looked around my client Fiona’s home and took a step into her daughter’s bedroom, I was thinking of light pastel colours.  I was thinking soft pinks, grey’s and white.  Then in came Matilda (7) and Victoria (9) also known as Tilly and Tori and instantly I changed my mind.  Tori was quite shy and reserved but Tilly was animated, sparkly and full of life.  I knew then that I wanted these girls to have a bright, happy room full of fun.


    Chatting with the girls, I discovered they had a love of horses.  They visit their grandparents on their farm near Wangaratta in Victoria and they have their own horse.  I could see and hear how deeply attached Tilly was to horses and when Victoria mentioned she had to have a desk, I instantly thought of using the magnet horse wallpaper I had always loved.


    At the time the girls had single beds with not much room, so we decided on Oeuf bunk beds so we could accommodate a desk and a reading corner.  Both girls love to read, so I added a Kip and Co colourful canopy and turned an empty space into a little hideaway. I added inexpensive Ikea bench cushions, a sheepskin rug for softness and warmth and cute fazeek homewares lilac baskets to store books.


    The walls were white, but with so much colour, I wanted to tone it down, and wanted to pick a pretty pastel colour, so the girls and I decided on lilac.  My client Fiona, was a little scared as it was being painted, and sent me a photo asking if I was sure?  I loved it and so did the girls, so we kept on going.  Once all the furniture was in and linen on the beds, Fiona relaxed and realised it wasn’t as lilac as she first thought and I am happy to report now loves it.

    The bedding for the girls is all Rachel Castle.  Rachel Castle represents happiness and fun, so it was a no brainer to use her range of sheets, quilt covers and cushions.  I also had gorgeous felt wall hangings made by Leesa Cowan to add to the fun.  The real feature of the room was the neon poodle name lights.  I had seen these on instagram and thought they were very cool so when I showed Fiona she completely fell in love and it went on our must have list.


    My other favourite part of this room was the rug that I used under the desk.  I wanted something unusual with lots of colour and wanted a one off.  It was a long search but I knew when I saw the shape, texture and tassels on this one that it was the one I wanted.

    I then had reached my budget so I needed to use an inexpensive Kmart desk and chair and bought lots of inexpensive knick knacks to decorate the desk.  I added some cute postcards from hello yellow store to make the magnetic wallpaper more interesting, and painted a little storage box lilac to complete this shared girls room.


    I really hope you like Tilly and Tori’s new room.  I had so much fun bringing this room together, and met two beautiful girls and one lovely mumma during the process.



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