Yay I am back!

    July 21, 2015

    Hi.. Remember me?

    I used to send you regular blog posts but you may have noticed I haven’t sent one for a very long time. My website was hacked and that meant I wasn’t able to blog and I just got so busy designing kids rooms that I didn’t get around to having it fixed. Until now.

    I have a brand new website (go on, take a look) and am now back ready to blog again and share with you everything I can about designing children’s rooms. I will send you trend updates, new products on the market, photo’s of the rooms I have been working on and even include giveaways along the way.

    I also want to let my Melbourne friends know that I will be presenting a styling workshop at the Tinitrader Pop Up Marketplace. It’s free, and on at 3.00pm – Saturday 1st August.

    It will be my first time presenting so it would be great if you could come along. I will need you to smile when I look at you and laugh at my jokes (yes even if you have to fake laugh) but in return you will learn lots of new and wonderful things you can then apply to your own kids rooms. You will also get to see 10 beautifully curated kids rooms that will be sure to inspire you.

    For more details visit here.

    I hope to see you there and for those that can’t make it, you will catch me in your inbox.

    I am glad to be here again, I hope you missed me xx

    Lots of love, Jacinda

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