When Harry Met Jacinda!

    June 14, 2017

    At last we have a boys room. Over the past couple of weeks I shared Emma and Jess’s room make overs and now I will introduce you to their cute 5 year old brother Harry. As you can see Harry is a real cutie with a sweet and also cheeky personality. When I met Harry, he mentioned how much he loved Star Wars and if we left the room design to Harry he would have a Star Wars galaxy room. His mum on the other hand, was happy to compromise and include this theme but wanted a stylish cool room that would grow with Harry.


    Harry had white walls, and whilst we wanted wallpaper we wanted it to be modern and subtle, nothing over the top. The grid wallpaper was perfect and fitted the brief. We replaced Harry’s bed with a pale blue linen bedhead complete with leather look piping to keep the room contemporary and then I chose a striped linen quilt cover with grey cushions and throw blanket as I wanted an element of masculinity. The pops of orange used in the cushion, lamp and prints, added fun and colour and worked perfectly with the greys and blues.

    When choosing prints I wanted something age appropriate but still stylish and cool, so I asked Harry if he liked dinosaurs?  Of course he said “yes” so off to Dino Raws I went and picked out a few prints of different shapes and sizes and scattered them around his room.

    Image 2-564
    image 3-564

    Storage is always an issue in children’s rooms and Harry’s room was no exception. Harry has lots of Lego, cars and small things that were kept in an Ikea bookcase, but with a new room comes new storage. This Lilly and Lolly bookcase wasn’t the cheapest option but it looks great, and of course is practical. We also knew that we would get a lot of use out of it and it wouldn’t date which is always important when choosing expensive furniture.

    image 5-564

    I haven’t forgotten Harry’s Star Wars theme, and subtly placed some figurines that he had into his new bookcase. I ordered him a cute Star Wars clock for his bedside and Yoda (I hope that’s right or Harry will quickly correct me), now sits proudly next to him as he sleeps. I searched high and low to find a poster of R2D2 that wasn’t ghastly, and this minimalist print came up trumps.


    Harry also has a couple of places he can sit and read or play, he has the chair in the corner, the plyroom bench and also the floor cushion if he wants to hang out on his new soft rug. Additional storage in the form of a cool canvas and leather basket is perfect for larger soft toys and Harry has a wooden book caddy for those extra books. You can never have too much storage.

    image 8-564
    image 9-564

    I hope you like Harry’s room. If you have any questions or feedback / comments, please feel free to send me an email –….and stay tuned for the next blog instalment, a calm and serene shared girls room that I know you will love!

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