At Last

    August 5, 2015

    Oh No.. I set myself ONE New Years Resolution this year.  Just One.  TO BLOG MORE.  I wanted to blog every fortnight, yep twice a month, 24 blog posts this year.  And this is my FIRST one.  Yep it’s almost May and I haven’t written or posted a single thing.  This is a massive fail.  Why haven’t I posted anything?  I love writing, I love sharing, I love the sound of my own written voice, but I have just been super busy.  So here I am now, end of April, sharing my very first blog post of the year and promising to send you atleast another 6 before end of December(setting small goals now).  Today I am sharing what I have been working on whilst you haven’t been hearing from me.  Well one of the projects anyway.  This nursery was designed for little Alfie.  My client knew she was having a boy and we also knew he would be born with a cleft palette and that he would need to undergo an operation (maybe maybe operations) to correct this.  Whilst every child is special, a baby that has to endure operations at such a young age is even extra special.  My client loved wallpaper and wanted a woodland theme, so the wallpaper tree seemed the perfect combination.  We chose an olive green with different shades of blue to give the room a calm and soothing feel.   I didn’t want to clutter this room and I wanted a statement peice so again the tree was perfect.   It gives a wow factor when you walk in, but is soft and gentle and not overwhelming.

    My client had the wooden cot, and I selected a woodland themed mobile with raccoon, mushrooms and bear for little Alfie to talk to when he wakes up.  Donna Wilson has amazing soft and cuddly cushions so I chose a fox, cloud and tree as these worked with the woodland theme but also the color scheme.  I then added a hedgehog lamp with some inexpensive accessories such as the Typo wooden date calender which we have set to Alfie’s birthday, a star garland and some mushroom christmas decorations that were bought from ikea (keep your eyes peeled at xmas time for decorations that you can in your kids rooms – decorations are not just for Christmas).



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